Uses and applications

Given the pasty consistency and qualities, MARMOLTEX can be applied by trowel, brush, roller, Stucco machine, etc. MARMOLTEX can be diluted with water, the performance may vary depending on the application and the surface. The MARMOLTEX coating can be applied on cement, concrete, block, brick, plaster, wood, drywall, or any other
plaster or cement panelling.

Surface preparation

It is advisable to apply as primer 1 hand of acrylic sealant PLASTIBOND 500 according to desired colour. Once dry, MARMOLTEX application can begin. The chosen surface must be free of dust, oil, paint, waxes, sealants and badly bonded materials to achieve an adequate adherence.

Product preparation

MARMOLTEX comes ready to use.


Cleaning equipment:
Clean the tools and equipment immediately after finishing painting with warm water and soap, rinse with clean water.
Do not leave uncovered or under the sun.
Do not mix with other products.
Work in full stretches as the job is difficult to hide.


Coarse grain: 10 - 12 sq.m./bucket.
Medium grain: 12 - 14 sq.m./bucket.
Fine grain: 16 - 18 sq.m./bucket.
The performance may vary depending on the application method and the surface.

Advantages and Characteristics

  1. - Ready to use.
  2. - Ease, cleanliness and speed of applications.
  3. - Its pasty consistency allows it to give any kind of texture.
  4. - Waterproof and washable.
  5. - Easy maintenance.
  6. - Excellent weather resistance and stability.


- Bucket of 19 litres and 1 gallon.


Wash hands with clean water after using, avoid contact with eyes.
If this happens, wash with running water for 15 minutes and see a doctor immediately.
Keep out of reach of children.

Advisory service

Our technical support department is at your service for the solution of any problem within our range. The instructions
given in the present sheet are based on our broad experience. The conditions under the product are managed and the methods of application are off our limits. The users must carry out tests according to their needs.


Specifications: Rough paste.
Colour: According to the colour chart and/or solicited tone.
Dry Touch: According to the colour chart and/or solicited tone.

Data Sheet