Uses and applications

Its mineral content and granulometry of its ultra-fine components allow it to be used on high quality and beauty finishes to achieve a concrete or cement appearance. APPARENT CONCRETE is applied indoor or outdoor as a final coat on previously flattened surfaces such as woodgrain, concrete, among others, at maximum thickness of 3 mm.

Surface preparation

The surface must be free of dust, oil and badly bonded materials to achieve an adequate adherence. If the chosen surface has paint or another badly bonded coating on, consult with our technical department for the solution.

Product preparation

In a clean container, add 8 litres of clean water for each sack of 20 kg, gradually add ESTUCOP APPARENT CONCRETE. Manually stir or with an electric mixer until the product is fully incorporated. Continue stirring until the mixture becomes an evenly paste with the right consistency for its application.


Prepare only the amount needed. The product hardens after 30 minutes due to its cementitious content.
Do not add water after the initial mixture.
Excess water in the mixture causes a decrease in the quality of the product and compromises the compressive strength of the material. It is recommended to seal the surface with PLASTIBOND 500 or 1000 before applying the product.


12 to 15 sq.m. at a thickness of 2 mm for each sack of 20 kg.


Sack of 20 kg.
Colours: Natural grey, dark grey and cream.

Advisory service

Our technical support department is at your service for the solution of any problem within our range. The instructions given in the present sheet are based on our broad experience. The conditions under the product are managed and the methods of application are off our limits. The users must carry out tests according to their needs.

Data Sheet