Uses and applications

ESTUCOP CHUKUM works for internal and external wall decoration, giving a natural aspect with woodgrains of different shades and intensities. Its natural mineral content and fine granulometry of its components allow it to have a polished surface. ESTUCOP CHUKUM must be applied on semi-smooth surfaces or surfaces of caulk.

Surface preparation

The surface must be free of dust, oil and badly bonded materials to achieve an adequate adherence. The appliance of PLASTIBOND 1000 sealant beforehand is recommended to ensure a suitable bond bridge, improving the workability and to obtain woodgrains.

Product preparation

Add 125 ml of CONCENTRATED CHUKUM to the mixing water, which would be 7 litres of clean water for a sack of 20 kg and gradually add ESTUCOP CHUKUM. Manually stir or with an electric mixer until the product is fully incorporated. Continue stirring until the mixture becomes an evenly paste with the right consistency for its application.


Prepare only the amount needed. The product hardens after 30-40 minutes due to its cementitious content.

Once dry, it is advisable to apply PLASTIBOND 1000, COP POLYURETHANE or COP SILICONE.


On ESTUCOP CEMENT RENDER 3 in 1, 10 to 12 sq.m. for a sack of 20 kg.

Advantages and Characteristics

  1. Paint is not required.
  2. Does not discolour.
  3. Easy to apply.


Sack of 20 kg.
Colour: Cream.

Advisory service

Our technical support department is at your service for the solution of any problem within our range. The instructions given in the present sheet are based on our broad experience. The conditions under the product are managed and the methods of application are off our limits. The users must carry out tests according to their needs.

Data Sheet