COPKRET TOP WALL is a cement-based flexible micro concrete in powder form of great resistance, mineral charges, resins, rheological additives and pigments which form a coating of excellent resistance, flexibility, colour and beauty to give the final finish to indoor and outdoor walls, plateaus, bathrooms and all surfaces where a clean finish is required.


Consult with our sales representative the desired colour chart and/or tone.

Uses and applications

COPKRET TOP WALL is a coating that thanks to its high adhesion and minimum application thickness is ideal for coating new or refurbished vertical
vertical surfaces, saving money, time and effort. Apply at least 2 coats of COPKRET TOP WALL extending it with the help of a stainless steel trowel. The surface must be stable and firm, properly levelled.

Surface preparation

The surface must be free of dust, oil and badly bonded materials to achieve an adequate adherence. If the chosen surface has another coating, it must be removed using mechanical or other means to ensure the removal of the previous coating.

Product preparation

In a clean plastic container add 5.5 litres of clean water plus 500 ml of BASED-WATER PIGMENT COP, manually stir or with an electric mixer and gradually add COPKRET TOP WALL until the mixture becomes even and lump free.


8 to 10 sq.m2 2 mm thick.


Do not add water after the initial mixture.
Excess water in the mixture causes a decrease in the quality of the product and compromises the compressive strength of the material.
Sealing prior to application of the first layer with PLASTIBOND 1000 diluted 2:1 and let dry.
Apply the first layer approximately 1.5 mm thick, when dried, smooth sanding with 320 fine sandpaper to remove imperfections.
Apply the second layer approximately 1 mm thick, leaving a smooth finish with stainless steel trowel.
Apply as final finish our PLASTIBOND 1000 ®(with a spatula), POLYURETHANE COP ®, COP SILICONE ®.


Bucket of 20 kg.

Advisory service:

Our technical support department is at your service for the solution of any problem within our range. The instructions given in the present sheet are based on our broad experience. The conditions under the product are managed and the methods of application are off our limits. The users must carry out tests according to their needs.

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